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My ETC experience

sep 16, 14 My ETC experience

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Hello everyone, My name is Jacky, I live in Gent Belgium and work for McDonalds. I have been collecting for the past 12-13 years and been playing for just over 2 years. I was asked to write down my experience as a first time player at the ETC and let me tell you what an experience it was! It all started last year in 2013 when a...

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Boo-boos, we all make them

As you have noticed we have competed at the 6 Nations Cup a couple of weeks ago. What have we learned ? A lot ! We had a great time ( look at the photo gallery ,it’s pretty ! ), we learned a lot also…some of us made some boo-boos or were the victim of opponent’s boo-boos . These things happen but one can ask himself if these...

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The missing FAQs

apr 10, 14 The missing FAQs

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Games Workshop launched their new website today and the FAQs have gone missing. No worries, Team BE had taken the necessary precautions.  Below you can find links to the missing FAQs:   The rulebook FAQ Blood Angels Codex FAQ Chaos Daemons Codex FAQ Chaos Space Marines Codex FAQ Dark Angels Codex FAQ Dark Eldar Codex FAQ Eldar...

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