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6 Nations Cup – Tournament Report

mei 14, 14 6 Nations Cup – Tournament Report

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So the month May has been a very exciting time for me. It started with the 6 nations cup in Stirling where I played as backup player with the Ravenwing army. I only started playing this army since February and I already knew I didn’t have the list or army mastered by far. Most of us stayed for a short few hours of sleep at...

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Team Interview – (Cpt.) Tom Adriany

mrt 21, 14 Team Interview – (Cpt.) Tom Adriany

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Hi Everyone, My name’s Kobe Keymeulen, and I’m one of the many guys who gets to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful website without being a part of any actual team. Like a lot of other people here, I love going to tournaments and all likes, but, I believe 40k is not only a fun wargame, but also a great spectator sport....

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Team Selection Procedure 2013-2014

We often get questions about how the Team Selection process works. To be honest, it changed a little every year, and was mostly an ad hoc decisionmaking process. In previous years, we almost never had a full Belgian Team but always had to rely on external people to fill our Ranks. Since last year, interest in the Team has picked up,...

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ETC Team Through Time

feb 13, 14 ETC Team Through Time

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We’ve been representing the country since 2010, traveling all across Europe to play our beloved game, so high time to archive our placement and team composition over the years. Nostalgia inbound, featuring some of the most ugly-assed Team shirts in ETC history 🙂         2014 Team: 2014 Captain: Tom...

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