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BTC Update: 15th Conflict

On the third saturday of april Conect’r Aarschot organised the 15th edition of their 40k singles event. The event had 3 rounds with swiss pairings and ETC style missions. There were 32 participants. The participant’s armylists were not posted online. The battle results were calculated for the BTC ranking. You can...

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13th Conflict – Tournament Report

Sunday 4th of May Club Team Conect’R did their yearly tournament Conflict. 13th this year! The guys from Conect’R always bring a fine and fun tournament to come too.  Again it was held in Aarschot at the Parochiezaal Gelrode. The only restriction was a maximum of three flying models. And the books Escalation, Stronghold...

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13th Conflict Rulespack Available!

The guys from Conect’r Aarschot have released the Rulespack for this year’s 13th Conflict, taking place May 4th. To get the rulespack, head over to their Weebply Page by clicking right...

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