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Battle of the Clubs – Battlereport

Below is a brief recap of my battles at this year’s Battle of the Clubs in Tilburg. This was my second year I attended. Since the tournament required fully painted armies, I had to step up the pacing on my painting. The last models only got painted on the day before the event. I took a 1750 point version of the Necron...

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tutorial – White scars gone bad, white nurgle theme

apr 24, 14 tutorial – White scars gone bad, white nurgle theme

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Hi I really like how Tom Adriany’s daemons look (Scheme by Geert Cleynen), so i asked him for the scheme, changed it to fit Chaos Space Marines. I love the raptor kit, so I chose one of these models to test my version of the scheme on. It sure took a lot longer than I thought it would take to complete, but I’m very happy...

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The missing FAQs

apr 10, 14 The missing FAQs

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Games Workshop launched their new website today and the FAQs have gone missing. No worries, Team BE had taken the necessary precautions.  Below you can find links to the missing FAQs:   The rulebook FAQ Blood Angels Codex FAQ Chaos Daemons Codex FAQ Chaos Space Marines Codex FAQ Dark Angels Codex FAQ Dark Eldar Codex FAQ Eldar...

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