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About us

Team.BE is an Non-Profit Organisation started by Belgian 40K players for the Belgian 40K community. The Non-Profit organisation was founded by Steven Breughe (chairman/president), Niek Vanderispaillie (chairman/treasurer) and Jeroen Janssens (chairman/secretary) in february of 2015.

The main goal of Team.BE is to support the Belgian 40K community in any way we can and to create a social network where everybody that is active within the 40K scene, whether as player, organiser or 40K enthusiast, can have their piece to say. Team.BE organises national and international tournaments, training days (and weekends) and team excursions to foreign tournaments. Team.BE also supports the Belgian ETC (European Team Championship) team.

In a short time, Team.BE has grown into a portal where kindred souls can come together for their common love of the game. Tournament organisers have united to discuss rulespacks, behaviour, and all things regarding, and we’ve seen a steady increase of players interested in joining our training events, where the idea is to ‘up the ante’ for everyone and share knowledge and experience of playing 40K.

Since 2016 we are also reaching out to other gamecommunities and also the less competitive part (casual gaming, 30k,…) and hobbypart of 40k and other gamingssytems. We are taking steps towards finding out how to support the X-Wing, Warhammer Fantasy and Flames of war communities in Belgium. These gamesystems all have an ETCtournament but not all have a Belgian team. Furthermore we aim to finding ways of supporting local tournament organisers.

Team.BE is a member organisation. This means that members have rights and duties. Anyone can become a member. You can find the household rules here. The articles of assocation can be found here. Right now we offer:
– insurrance
– the legal structure for those willing to organise events, trips, … under the banner of the Team.BE VZW
– a broad spectrum of events
– training and gaming days
– a Belgian 40k ranking
– logistical support for 40k tournament organisers (terrain, gaming mats, …)
– but foremost a portal for all gamers to find each other on facebook, the forum, …

If you want to join in, please sign up on our forums here or send an e-mail to teambelgium40k at gmail dot com.

If you think the vzw/asbl team.be could do something to lift up the community ,let us know !