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New life ahead! Road to Luxemburg has started!

jun 22, 19 New life ahead! Road to Luxemburg has started!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since you have seen activity here, but with a renewed interest in the French part of our community, we will kick up the dust and start using this portal again as a one-stop for information and to streamline communications and announcements!

For now, know that we plan a recurring series of events that will hopefully help everyone find their way to the Belgian national Warhammer 40K players and team as we prepare to send a team next year. We want to stress that we want to be as open and inviting as possible and welcome everyone to join us in the leadup to sending a team to Luxemburg in 2020.

For now, friendly greetings, and speak soon!

Link to Rulespack for the Road To Luxemburg Series


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