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Painting Diary – Eldar Skyrunner Farseer

nov 17, 15 Painting Diary – Eldar Skyrunner Farseer

Hey guys, it has been a long time since I posted something. Here is a custom Eldar Skyrunner Farseer, made from the failcast Games Workshop farseer and an old jetbike model. I like the old farseer model farseers as it’s less dynamic, and offers a better position to show the pilot.

I tried a few things and added some freehands (I love doing freehands!). This has been painted without an airbrush: only brush! The sword is a bit twisted because it’s resin (and it sucks)! Plus, this one saw the last ETC and the transport was a bit harsh for him!

Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment 😉


Farseer Eldar 1

Farseer Eldar 2

Farseer Eldar 3

Farseer Eldar 4


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