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Painting Diary – Raven Guard

sep 21, 15 Painting Diary – Raven Guard

For Challenge X, the annual tournament in Roeselare, I put some effort in finishing enough of my space marine models so I could field a space marine highlander army. Most of the models have been converted with Forgeworld upgrade kits and/or Forge World etched brass. I will try to make a tutorial on using the etched brass in the near future. The black color scheme with white highlights, muted brassy metals and brown details was painted to match my Astra Militarum army (or rather vice versa as I started the space marine army before the imperial guard army).

Here are some of the new additions to my army….

Devestator Centurions

Command Squad on bikes

Chaplain on bike

Tactical Squad

Bike Squad


Landspeeder Storm

My efforts paid off as I won best painted at Challenge 2015 🙂

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