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My ESC experience

aug 12, 15 My ESC experience

Hey first off let me introduce myself. I am Seba and I am a pretty new tau player. I only play 40k a little over 2 years now and am still learning a lot every game I play. Last week I played my first ESC (European Singles Championship) and boy what an experience that was!

It all started a few days before the actual trip to prague. The week I was supposed to get time off from work but my boss asked me if I could come work on saturday and monday: the two days I was supposed to paint and prepare the last things in my army. This resulted in me coming home on monday at 17:00, sleeping till 21:00 and then start painting and basing about half the army. In the end I was able to get the whole thing ready an hour before the team belgium party bus came to pick us up. The ride there was great! A whole day in a car with people I like and of course getting the sleep I needed.

The Belgian team has rented a Villa in Prague for the week. Once we entered our villa I was in a vacation mood: relaxed and ready to kick some ass at the ESC. We drank some beers and went to sleep.

When I got to the venue the first day of ESC and I had put my army on my tray ready to go I thought to myself “you have really gotten better at painting … this looks pretty good”. Then when I had a little walk around the tables I realised this was a completely different league I was in.  I got paired and was ready to kick some ass for the greater good but when I went to the table all I saw where scatter bikes. Still keeping up hope I thought I could get some points from this matchup. I lost big time and even the tau were impressed by all that fire power.  The second round started (way to late due to some organisational problems) and I was back with my feet on the ground  hoping for some points. I got paired against a member from the Swiss team who had some D-cannons and bikes. A fun guy to go up against if it weren’t for my tau not finding the airco on the suits so they missed about every shot I fired at my opponent. I had a great chat with team North Ireland after the battle.

So I went home after day one a bit disappointed but having a good tale to tell and learning a lot. More beers and fun where had in the evening.

The second day I went in with new hope and a head full of battle plans. I got paired against Sasha, a German merc playing cent star. “O fuck. But I might be able to save a few points”. Again a very fun opponent. Luck would have it I got to go first and shoot the centurions with all I got. I did a grand total of 1 wound at which point I got a bit frustrated. I lost that match 0-20 as well.

I now held a total of 0 points. A total of 3 maelstrom points and a kill score of I think 7 models. Yes that’s right … models. I had to get out for a bit.  I visited the stands of Micro Art Studios and looked at the pretty models. I got some info on this game called Wolsung and my girlfriend bought the rule book. It looks simple and fun with cool minis. Still not really happy I went to eat. The food was pretty ok (after hearing the stories from last year’s ETC).

The 4th round I got an opponent who did not show up so I went to the judge booth and they just told me to find my own opponent. The fuck?  I Went back to my table even more pissed than before and saw this guy sitting at an empty table. He turned out to be the coach of team finland who would stand in as their wolf player because the original one just became a father of twins (congrats to the guy and good luck raising 2 kids at once!). He became my opponent for the round. I still don’t know if it was the new found courage or the burning hatred for space wolves but my tau had refound the trigger and I won 16-4 and almost wiped the guy.

The last game I went in with new courage because my tau could be good again. Notice the word could. I played the Northern Ireland beer boy and had a very fun match. My riptides failed all novas and got a wound from the gets hot (2 wounds on a riptide on my turn 1) and the game went on like that. I still managed to get 7 points out of the match. After that I just went for a beer with the North Ireland team and had a good time.  All and all I had a blast: had great games against great opponents. I know now I have a long way still to go.

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