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Painting Diary – Harlequin Solitaire

feb 25, 15 Painting Diary – Harlequin Solitaire

Hey guys!


With the awesome new Harlequins models, Games Workshop have done some great work. As an Eldar fan, I literally jumped on this new release!


Here is the first painted model: the Solitaire.

I used a Dark Purple/Black/Turquoise color scheme. I wanted something dark to represent the terrible fate of these poor Eldar.



Harlequin Eldar Solitaire

Harlequin Eldar Solitaire 1

Harlequin Eldar Solitaire 2

Harlequin Eldar Solitaire 3

Harlequin Eldar Solitaire 4

Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share your thoughts!




  1. Ola Örnberg /

    That paint scheme is very very… Beautiful in lack of better words.
    Is it airbrush work topping of worth a brush or are you just a daemon work the brush?

    Love to see more Harlequins painted by you. Keep it up.

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