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Painting Diary – Eldar

feb 19, 15 Painting Diary – Eldar

Hey guys!

Elda here with some Eldar stuff.

I have so much stuff to share: some new things and some old.

Let’s start with this Wraithseer. I bought it during my first Home Nation participation (2012, in England). I tried a lot of things on this model (such as the energy effects on the helmet and the weapon, the power effect on the blades):


Eldar Wraithseer 1

Eldar Wraithseer 2

Eldar Wraithseer 3

Eldar Wraithseer 5

Let’s continue with a Spiritseer, painted for 2014’s ETC. Some Mon-keighs call him “Gandalf”… The big sword represents the Shard of Anaris:

Eldar Spiritseer

Eldar Spiritseer

And to finish, a good old Falcon MKII:

Eldar Falcon

Eldar Falcon



Hope you enjoyed. If you want more, don’t hesitate to ask!

And of course, all feedback/comments are welcome!


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