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New necron codex – what changed?

feb 05, 15 New necron codex – what changed?

The release of the new Necron codex saw some changes to units and rules. I’ll try to give an overview below of some of the more important changes. If I missed something important feel free to let me know by posting a response below and I’ll adjust the article!

  1. Tesla stayed mostly the same. It no longer gives additional hits when you snapshot. Making it a lot less powerfull as both night scythes and annihilation barges liked to jink and keep pretty much the same firepower. Tesla destructor did lose the arc rule.
  2. Gauss changed back to what it was before the last codex. You still get the auto-glance on a 6 to armour penetration regardless of the armour value of the vehicle. But you now also get to auto-wound on a 6 to wound regardless of the toughness of the target unit.
  3. Mindshackle scarabs now no longer cause fear to your opponent but only to his models. And then only in a challenge. But still on 3d6.
  4. Catacomb Command Barges lost their sweep attack.
  5. Reanimation Protocols is now an extra die roll after a failed save, pretty much like feel no pain (and you have to choose if you roll for feel no pain or for reanimation protocols). Reanimation protocols do work against wounds that cause instant death unlike feel no pain. It starts on 5+ (but goes down 1 against wounds that cause instant death) but units and other abilities allow this to go up to a 4+ (and never better than a 4+). The Ever living rule dissappeared from the main rules but is now a special rule in the formations.
  6. Whip coils now give +3 to initiative in the fight subphase.
  7. Vargard Obyron’s teleport trick no longer allows him to teleport a unit out of combat.
  8. Entropic strike now works similar to gauss but in close combat. Meaning canoptek scarabs can now hurt Imperial Knights (or Wraithknights for that matter).
  9. Sempiternal Weave dissapeared from the codex. Only special characters and relics can give your HQ unit a 2+ armour save.
  10. Phase Shifter now only gives a 4+ invulnerable save. It does not work for the chariot if given to a catacomb command barge overlord.
  11. Wraiths changed from jump infantry to beasts, gaining fleet in the proces. They also got bumped to T5!
  12. The Royal Court dissappeared. Necron Lords and Crypteks are now single HQ’s. They both got an extra wound though.
  13. Necron Warriors now have a minimum unit size of 10.
  14. Deathmarks only do their wound no 2+ on the turn they arrive from deep strike.
  15. Triarch Stalkers’s targeting relay now gives a +1 to the BS of friendly non-vehicle necron units with 6″ of the stalker (except when making snapshots).
  16. Living metal now only ignores the crew shaken effect but Heavy or Super-Heavy vehicles also gain an It Will Not Die effect, regaining a hull point lost earlier in the battle on the roll of a 6 at the end of your turn.
  17. There are still no rules allowing units to re-embark on a Nigth Scythe.
  18. Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers now have 2 wounds each.
  19. The doom scythes death ray changed to a small blast.
  20. Warscythes remained mostly the same but are now AP2 in stead of AP1.
  21. Chronometron now gives a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks.
  22. A gloom prism now gives friendly units the Adamantium Will rule in a a 12″ bubble.
  23. Phylactery now gives It Will Not Die. If given to the overlord of a Catacomb Command Barge, both the overlord and the barge get the rule.
  24. Destroyers and destroyer lords are now jet pack infantry in stead of jump infantry.
  25. Necron overlords got a +1 boost to their WS and BS.
  26. The Doomsday Ark’s Doomsday Cannon got a +1S boost on both profiles.

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