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Painting Diary – Eldar Female Farseer

jan 28, 15 Painting Diary – Eldar Female Farseer

Hey guys,

For those who don’t know me, I’m Jonathan, known as “Elda” (or Elfy, the Eldar of the band!), and I’m part of Team Belgium 40k for 4 years now. As I’m a guy who loves to paint, I will share my work and some tutorials on these pages: Welcome in my painting diary! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

To inaugurate this new kind of articles, I present you one of my last project: an Eldar female farseer.

A good friend of mine offered me an incredible homemade gaming table for my birthday:

Homemade Table Warhammer 40k 1

Homemade Table Warhammer 40k 2

Homemade Table Warhammer 40k 3

Homemade Table Warhammer 40k 4

Homemade Table Warhammer 40k 5

When his birthday came, I wanted to offer him something special.

We played a lot to Dawn of War 2 together and he loves the Eldar female farseer design. As he always wanted to get an Eldar female farseer model, I thought that was a good idea to design it to him.

So I tried to do something cool. It’s not based on the Dawn of War’s farseer and I’m not that good with green stuff. But I’m pretty proud of the final result.

I used a lot of Turquoise as it’s my friend’s favorite colour.

Eldar Female Farseer 1

Eldar Female Farseer 2

Eldar Female Farseer 3

Eldar Female Farseer 4

Eldar Female Farseer 5

Eldar Female Farseer 6

He was very happy with the model so I’m pretty happy!

What do you guys think about it? If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, feel free to post them below!


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