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BTC update: 40k event Replay Albion

sep 16, 14 BTC update: 40k event Replay Albion

Last saturday Steven organised a 40k Event at the Albion store in Kortrijk with the help of the Replay club. The event had 3 rounds swiss pairing and featured ETC (European Team Championships) missions.

You can find the rulespack to the event here.

There were 12 participants. For BTC this means everyone only got half points due to the limited number of participants.

You can find the participant’s armylists here.

The overall ranking (generalship + soft scores):

1 (59) Jeroen Janssens
2 (58) Jasper Vandenbroucke
3 (58) Tom Dewilde
4 (55) Kobe Keymeulen
5 (50) Thomas Libeer
6 (46) Tijs Foulon
7 (43) Sebastian Aerts
8 (32) Jens Desmet
9 (29) Tom Roose
10 (24) Francis Decabooter
11 (20) Gregory Boon
12 (14) Sven Desmet

The battle results were recalculated for the BTC ranking. You can find the details here.

The adjusted BTC ranking can be found here.

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