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Important changes in 7th edition

mei 26, 14 Important changes in 7th edition

This is a first look at the most important changes from 6th edition to 7th edition.  This list is not exhaustive.  It’s important to read all the rules carefully as sometimes only one word was added or dropped which changes the rule as we knew it compeletely.  In addition to these changes there were also lots of changes to how psychic powers work in the game.  But that’s an entire article in itself.  How these changes interact with some of the older codeci is uncertain and they will require a 7th edition FAQ.

Leadership tests are now for both models and units.  So an Astra Militarum priest needs to test on his own leadership.

Coherency is now also 6” verticaly.

You cannot cast blessings anymore while embarked on a vehicle.

In the shooting phase, you now shoot with groups of similar weapons.  So if you fire your bolters first, your flamer might be out of range because the bolters destroyed the models that were in range of your flamer.  In addition you can now snipe with these.  If the first models don’t have a cover save, shoot your plasmaguns first.  If you think your bolters will kill the target unit, keep the plasmagun for last so you don’t risk overheating if it’s not necessary.

If you have a BS of 6 or higher, you get a second roll if you roll a 1 to hit.  This counts as a reroll now, so if you are twin-linked, ignore that second roll and just reroll to hit.

For wound allocation, divide your attacks in wound pools, seperating based on S, AP and special rules.

There is no longer focus fire.

Flying monstrous creatures cannot charge after they change flight mode.  FMCs only have to take one grounding test at the end of the phase after taking an unsaved wound.  If you combine these, FMCs would popably want to get grounded now so they can assault.

Charging through difficult terrain now incurs a -2 penalty on the distance.  So you don’t roll 3d6 take away the highest any more.

Monstrous creatures cannot go to ground.  They also need to be 25% obscured to get a cover save.

Targets of barrage weapons on vehicles need to be in the weapons arc of sight (which depends on the mounting of the weapon on the vehicle).

Vehicles can take cover saves against grav weapons now.  But unfortunately the wording now doesn’t allow you to take invulnerable saves against them.

Glancing hits add +1 to combat resolution while penetrating hits add +2.

If a transport vehicle suffers a crew shaken, crew stunned, weapon destroyed or immobilized result, the embarked unit needs to take a leadership check or can only fire snap shots.

You now only need to be 1” away from the base (not the hull/body) of both flyers and flying monstrous creatures.

Walkers don’t have 360° fire arc.  They also cannot perform death or glory.  But they got hammer of wrath.

D weapons are now more reasonable and allow cover and invulsaves (except on a 6). Stomp attacks are not D weapons so you still get no saves against those.

Excess wounds caused in a challenge now go over to the unit (and vice versa).  There are also no more rerolls to be gained from models standing around not fighting while a character is in a challenge with a single model unit.

Area terrain no longer exists but ruins and rubble both give a 4+ cover save that doesn’t require 25% obscurement.

If you move through several pieces of dangerous terrain, you need to take a dangerous terrain test for each piece of terrain.

Jump and jetpack units cannot embark into vehicles but they can imbark into buildings.  Blood angels codex still allows jump units to go into a stormraven.

Melta and haywire weapons work against buildings.  Buildings now have hull points so also suffer from glancing hits.

Your warlord no longer needs to be the character with the highest leadership.

Upgrades to a building (like a comms relay) need to be placed within 6” of the building.

To score linebreaker you now need to be within 12” of your opponenets board edge.  This might even be outside of his deployment zone!

Nightfighting now only gives stealth.  There’s no more restriction on firing over 36”.

There is no limit on how many units you can put in reserve.  Just make sure you don’t get tabled before they arrive!

If you shoot multiple barrage, all wounds are allocated from the center of the 1st blast, no longer from the center of each blast.

You cannot take Feel no Pain against D weapons but you can against perils.

Ignores cover is now also worded so it works against glancing and penetrating hits.

Independent characters need infiltrate to join infiltrating units.

Characters and independent characters no longer have precision shots and precision strikes.

Rending doesn’t give AP2 against vehicles.

There is no longer a skyfire and interceptor combination.  So skyfire is always firing 6” at ground targets.

Split fire no longer requires a leadership check.

Instant death wounds with templates or blasts are not doubled against swarms.

If you use template weapons against an opentopped vehicle, the embarked unit suffers 1d6 hits.

Vector strike is now only 1 attack (except against flyers and zooming flying monstrous creatures then it’s d3).  All vector strikes are AP2, base strength of the model and against side armour of vehicles.

Sniper weapons are S4 against vehicles but no longer rending.

Misfortune now gives rending, no longer reroll succesful saves.

Invisibility now makes opposing units hit with snapshots in shooting and 6’s in combat.

That’s it for now.  If you find something important that we missed, let us know!

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