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Boo-boos, we all make them

mei 23, 14 Boo-boos, we all make them

As you have noticed we have competed at the 6 Nations Cup a couple of weeks ago.
What have we learned ? A lot !

We had a great time ( look at the photo gallery ,it’s pretty ! ), we learned a lot also…some of us made some boo-boos or were the victim of opponent’s boo-boos . These things happen but one can ask himself if these things are sometimes not a tool a players uses to trick or mislead his opponent ? Some players are known for “accidentally” forgetting about a crucial rule or wording or FAQ, others make genuinely mistakes without any trickery in mind. The former player can always pretend he did not know the rule if he gets confronted with the misinterpretation on his behalf, getting away clean with it. In case things only get noticed after the game it just leaves a sour taste in the victim’s mouth. The latter player can get a bad reputation based on real mistakes. It’s hard to tell an honest mistake apart from intentional mistakes and getting away with it. Anyhow ,if you are one of those players trying to pull these kind of tricks on purpose, shame on you, go stand in the corner and reflect on your actions !

The one thing I can advise is, when in doubt, ask your opponent to show you the rule, especially if it’d affect your game in a decisive manner. No need to be a d-bag, just talk to your opponent in a friendly manner, nobody knows all codexes by heart, everybody can make a mistake. When in doubt call in a judge. However if someone gets caught cheating this way repeatedly he should get kicked square in the nuts.

I know you are all waiting for a listing of the names of the perpetrators but I will not share this with you all , hah!. Put down your torches and hay forks please. I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. We all have made honest mistakes or have been on the receiving end of them.
I will list some of the situations that have occurred over the last years at both national and international tournaments.

1. Was I really expecting you ?monthy python's spanish inquisition

Our friendly neighbourhood inquisitor has a very useful rule : “I’ve been expecting you” ,it only works against units arriving from reserves, not against units using deepstrike rules to move across the board. So no free shooting at veil of darkness spyderstars or gating farsightbombs.

2. The wolf that broke his jawscloseup of wolf teeth & jaws

The FAQ states “ … the rune priest must have line of sight to the first model that the power affects- in effect he is treated as the target model; …”

This means that the closest model to the priest is the target, so it’s unit can make a deny the witch roll. You can not declare a unit further away with a worse deny the witch as a target if a model closer to the priest is under the line. So you better place your priest in a way that the jaws”line” goes over a model with a worse DTW that is standing closerby then the more valuable but better psychic protected model you’d like to take out. Not the other way around!
3. …And broke it again

The Jaws rule does state that only Monstrous creatures, beasts, cavalry, bikes and infantry must take the test. Don’t forget that you MC can subtract one from that dice roll ! So mr riptide with initiative 2 does not go down the hole when you roll a 3 !bustestatue of a norse valkyrie

4. How many wolf jaws can you break ?

ETC faq  says : “the target model… cannot be a friendly model or a vehicle”
So no podding in meltagunning a skyray and jawsing a infantry unit standing behind the tank

can't touch this5. The chooser of the slain becomes ultravigilant

Chooser of the slain prevents infiltrate deployment ,not scoutmoves !
So feel free to bubblewrap using your scout move vs podwolves.
Only servo-skulls block scoutmoves.

6. FMC dancing to MC Hammer
harrier vtol jetfighter
You cannot leave airspace in the same turn you arrived from reserves. The ETC FAQ was not updated on this and someone gladly made use of this boo-boo.

7. VTOL nightscythes

Your nighscythes don’t have Hover written next to their unit type, just flyer. So please don’t move them like a skimmer…

scouts, be prepared with scouting logo8. To scout or not to scout

Scouting only prevents you from assaulting if you are the one going first. Your opponent can assault with his scouted units in his first turn if he goes second. No kidding

9. Scouring is scoring and heavy guns do get tired
car inspection overview
These missions allow some of your vehicles ( fast attack or heavy support ) to score but basic rules prevent ALL vehicles from contesting objectives. So contesting with a vehicle is always a no-no!

tapemeasue next to dice spelling out succes10. Pre-measuring for beginners

If your talisman of superpsychic protection has a 12” bubble, please use that tape measure and make sure your units are within that bubble… this will keep your precious Oves’a and friends safe.

11. Hey Captain Slow, I’m going to assault you !
road with slow marked
No matter how hard the assaulting unit is shouting this to your face , the “Slow & purposeful “ rule prevents those models from firing overwatch. Yes, even if they are centurions.

fearless12. We’ve got Azrael ,so I don’t have to listen to you anymore Mr Commander…

If a guard blobs is joined by Azrael they also get the fearless special rule, so no going to ground for your blob.  Meaning your commanders can’t order them to go to ground either.


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