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Team Interview – Steven Breughe

mei 30, 14 Team Interview – Steven Breughe

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Kobe Keymeulen, and I’m one of the many guys who gets to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful website without being a part of any actual team. Like a lot of other people here, I love going to tournaments and all likes, but, I believe 40k is not only a fun wargame, but also a great spectator sport. However, it’s not really fun to watch any form of spectator sport when you don’t know any of the star players. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this series of blogposts. 
Because, here, I essentially get to interview some of Team.BE members. I said it’s one of the reasons, because, obviously, they’re a bunch of really nice guys with some cool stories to tell.

Next up is the guy who got special praise in this years selection process: “and Steven Breughe, because he has shown admirable commitment to the team.” So, today’s interview is on someone was perfectly cast as last year’s space wolf player. Mind you, this interview took place before Jaws got FAQ’d,  so he might have been in a slightly better mood…


So, Steven, let’s start with the usual question: how did you get into 40k and the tournaments specifically?

I started modelling and painting WW II Tamiya kits and Revel airplanes when I was 12. Later I got into Magic, Vampire, … When Deagostini had a Lord of the Rings magazine with miniatures added I started painting those also, only playing the game a couple of times with a friend. When 2 gaming stores opened their doors in Kortrijk I saw Warhammer being played. At that time I got tired off Magic and even the WoW cardgame turned out to be a financial race to play on a competitive level. I knew GW was not cheap either but I could combine my love for model kits and gaming. So I started a Bretonnian fantasy army, initially because they had a historical look. I did not like the make-belief fluff, it was too much a contradiction to my military model collection. I painted them in a Teuton scheme. But eventually I got sucked into 40k starting a Daemonhunter army with Grey Knights and armoured IG models. I liked the idea of an Inquisitor leading an army of whatever he fancied (as in whatever models I liked). The future proved more and more fulfilling my idea (allies, supplements,…). About a year later I started a Tau force and went to Challenge in Roeselare with some local players from Kortrijk. We got pawned. Determined to get better was the start of my tournament career.


And the ETC, how did you get involved in that?

When Tom asked me to come to the training days after the 2012 ETC, I took the chance to up my game with both hands. In January 2013 the ‘regular’ team was 3 men short because of family affairs or monetary issues (ETC is expensive after all). So, they asked some of the training day attendees whether they wanted to go to Serbia. I didn’t mind spending a week with a group of great people in the country of cheap beer (amongst other fine goods) while playing some top 40k battles.


The only army you’ve mentioned so far is Tau & Daemonhunters. However, as you are known as ‘Wolfman’ or ‘Wolf’ for short, we’d have to guess you didn’t join last years ETC as a ‘fishhead’? So ehm, what attracted you to the lads of Fenris?

Beer drinking space Vikings! What’s not to love?


Fair enough. Did you take wolves to the ETC last year? Could you tell us a bit more on the what and why of that?

The team was looking for a defensive build and we thought that a Blob with Wolf support was a good idea. The contents of the list changed a lot during the months before the ETC but the concept stayed. Lots of dudes buffed by Rune Priests.


And did it work? Any games you were particularly surprised/happy/sad about?

It worked, but in hindsight I played too defensively. I could have gotten more out of it in some games. But then again: playing more aggressively could have gone wrong very fast and we could’ve ended up with bigger losses for the team. I did not have the experience others had; some of those guys could smash other lists even when they got put forward. I learned a lot regarding timing in the game, when to commit your army and so on. But most importantly I mostly had great games against great guys at both the 6 Nations Cup and the ETC. That’s why I applied again for this year’s team.


All right, speaking of this year’s team, it appears you guys have increased the number of international visits quite considerably. You personally went to a couple of tournaments in the Netherlands and the UK. What are your thoughts concerning these events overseas. And, maybe more specifically, how do you think the different metas compare?

I really like playing abroad (well, despite the cost). You meet new people; get to enjoy the local scene (and pubs). I think the meta in the UK and The Netherlands is the same though. Maybe we should look more to Germany and France to see fresh things. Maybe because the Belgian and UK players read the same fora, listen to the same podcasts, and play the same style of armies. I don’t know. Besides all the training you get when playing abroad I have always encountered great opponents, who were a joy the play. That’s the most important thing for me. On the other hand: the bigger the group playing 40k competitively the better your meta gets. So playing abroad gives you a better chance at playing someone who’s better at this game then you are. Going to France, the UK and The Netherlands is peanuts compared to what the French, German and especially American have to do travel wise to get a good game..


Do you think there’s a difference between the card gaming and miniature gaming community?

Yes. The miniaturegaming not appeals to gamers but also to the collectors and hobbyists and all in between. You also need to invest more time in the building and painting of your models. It is also harder to learn the rules because there are more of them.


So, on the topic of models, if you could make a 40K miniature of yourself, what would its rules be?

Hmmm mini me… (Very) Bulky, Hammer of Wrath, Smash, Slow & Purposeful, Hit & Can’t Run, Beerbane,…



I drink beer on a 2+


*This interviewer laughs rather less professionally*
Okay then, to wrap it up, let’s ask the final question: why do you think the other countries should be struck by terror at the thought of having to beat Team.BE?

Because this is Belgium!


Sparta reference?

Hell yeah



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