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Battle of the Clubs – Tournament Report

mei 14, 14 Battle of the Clubs – Tournament Report

The second weekend of May came and we went with 17 people of team Belgium to Battle of the clubs in Tillburg, organised by the Saints.

Most of us travelled to Tilburg the day before the tournament to get a good night’s sleep.

Once again I decided to play with the Ravenwing army as in the 6 Nations Cup but slighly modified since it was 1750 instead of 1850.

First match was against Chaos Space Marines, at first I tought I was screwed but then I noticed my opponent didn’t field a single psyker or helldrake. He fielded 2 flying princes, 2x 10 marines with excess banner in rhino’s a landraider and 2x 3 nurgle obliterators. It was like I was playing 5th edition again. I put on the pressure to the maximum and kept the pressure during the full game. My dice were on fire even when his last prince charged my command squad they killed him with overwatch shots. Game ended in 18-2 in my favor

Second game was against Space wolves with 4 rune priests 3 of them having Jaws. I went in for high presure again but thanks to some unlucky rolls I cound’t kill all the things I wanted. This led to 2 jaws going off in the middle of my army with a third one being denied.  I had to rethink my total game plan since he was able to snipe my salvo banner with jaws (damm you puppies!). With only a few bikes left here and there taking an objective and him just managing to kill those last few bikes that would have given me 2 objectives and linebreaker instead the game ended in a dreadfull 0-20.

Last game was against Eldar without, to my big surprise, any wraithknight and only 1 wave serpent.  Again I played a high presure game but being a bit more defensive then last 2 games thanks to the 2 fire prisms that were looking my way.
It was really looking grim for me, I merely managed to roll 3’s while my opponent easily rolled 5’s and 6’s. Thanks to a no guts no glory move and hopping for game ending on turn 5 I managed to score at least 2 points so it ended in 2 – 18.


In the end Team Belgium scored 2nd and 3rd place and scored 2nd place with painting.  It was good to see that our training days are paying off. Watch out Fallen Angels because Team Belgium is coming back and then we’ll get that price.

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