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6 Nations Cup – Tournament Report

mei 14, 14 6 Nations Cup – Tournament Report

So the month May has been a very exciting time for me. It started with the 6 nations cup in Stirling where I played as backup player with the Ravenwing army. I only started playing this army since February and I already knew I didn’t have the list or army mastered by far.

Most of us stayed for a short few hours of sleep at our captain’s place and left early in the morning with the full team to the airport onwards to Scotland & Stirling.  After flying and taking a bus to the hostel we went for a bit of sightseeing and finished the day with a last practice battle and a pub before getting to bed.

6NC boys club

First match was against Team England and I encountered a necron wraithwing army, by some mysterious reason (lack of sleep, lack of coffee in my system) I scouted everything forward and it was just when I said to my opponent that it was his turn when I noticed that I already fucked up my game. Letting him multi-charge with his units in turn 1 in a killpoint mission was a dead give away for a 0-20 game.

Second round I played against Grey Knights from Team Northern-Ireland.  This time it was vanguard deployment with the scouring as mission. I played a bit more defensive waiting until my opponent moved out of his corner constantly keeping in mind that he could shunt into my backlines. He killed some bikes, I killed some stuff from him. On both sides nothing very spectacular happened and the game ended 8-12 in his favor.

Third and last game of the day I played my first game against Astra Militarum from team Wales. Deployment was dawn of war with 2 objectives and the relic. I went in fully aggressive and killed almost all of his first blob but coudn’t finish it because of the terrain so I killed part of his second blob instead. With his return fire he wiped unit after unit after unit. I quickly took up the relic and moved away out of line of sight.  Then I noticed I forgot the run run run order and couldn’t get far enough to keep the relic out of his control.  With only my warlord left on the table the game ended on 0-20

We finished the day with some Chinese buffet and beers.

Fourth game was against Necrons with Tau allies from Team Scotland. This game was more relaxed even during deployment with Bernie the team captain of Scotland and their Ravenwing player giving my tips hows best to deploy. In this game I totally lost faith in my melta guns thanks to 2 round of unsuccessfully destroying a annihilation barge. But they did manage to destroy 2 nightscythes so they did made up for it a little bit. In the end he had almost nothing left on the board and ended the game with 6 – 14

Last game was against Team Ireland’s White scars/ Space wolves player. Really funny to see 2 scouting bike armies play against each other. It would have been a nice game if my dices woudn’t go dead cold and I couldn’t even kill a single grey hunter who survived shooting after coming down with his drop pod. The game ended by being wiped of the table so again 0-20 for my opponent.

We always talked about the playing difference between Belgium and the UK. I now know how big this difference is and how mutch I still need to train.


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