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Battle of the Clubs – Battlereport

mei 12, 14 Battle of the Clubs – Battlereport

Below is a brief recap of my battles at this year’s Battle of the Clubs in Tilburg. This was my second year I attended. Since the tournament required fully painted armies, I had to step up the pacing on my painting. The last models only got painted on the day before the event.

I took a 1750 point version of the Necron Spyderstar. My list consisted of:

HQ – Nemesor Zahndrekh

HQ – Vargard Obyron

HQ – Destroyerlord with sempiternal weave

TROOPS – 5 Necron Warriors in a Nightscythe

TROOPS – 5 Necron Warriors in a Nightscythe

TROOPS – 5 Necron Warriors in a Nightscythe

FAST ATTACK – 6 Canoptek Wraiths

FAST ATTACK – 6 Canoptek Wraiths

HEAVY SUPPORT – Annihilation Barge

HEAVY SUPPORT – Annihilation Barge

HEAVY SUPPORT – 3 Canoptek Spyders, one with a gloom prism


I didn’t take notes so there might be some errors in the battle reports as I am doing this from memory.

In my first battle I faced Micha W. who brought a dark eldar/eldar army that consisted of raiders, venoms, ravagers, an autarch with mantle of the laughing god and a fusion pistol, a unit of jetbikes and both an eldar and a dark eldar flyer. It’s been a while that I faced dark eldar and the first time with my necrons. I gave him first turn and I deployed my spyderstar (the spyders, obyron, zahndrekh and the destroyer lord) really defensively in the corner of my deployment zone out of first turn range of his massive amount of shooting. I chose to deepstrike the wraiths and kept the barges also in reserve. He moved forward but couldn’t shoot me first turn. I moved the spyderstar into cover and out of line of sight in my first turn. In his second turn his reserves came on and I used Zahndrekh’s phased reinforcements rule to deep strike the wraiths. He destroyed one unit of wraiths. In my turn I charged the other unit of wraiths into the autarch and killed him. The barges and the flyers took down both of his flyers. In his next turn he killed the other unit of wraiths. In my next turn I started shooting his transports and raiders but my dice failed me. Some unlucky penetration rolls caused that I didn’t do enough damage. I had considered getting out my warriors to add their firepower but I don’t know if that would have done the job. We rolled for turn 6 with only 15 minutes left. I was hesitant to continue with so little time remaining but my opponent really wanted so we did another turn. He got some points there as he killed both my barges that turn. I had also lost my spyderstar except for obyron. It was still a close game as we tied on kill points and table quarters. But the heavy support kills swung the game in his favor for an 8-12 result.


In my second game I faced Joey T.’s blood angels and space wolves 11 drop pod list with 5 dreadnoughts. He only had one Jaws but still it looked bleak. I let him go first once more and deployed in the corner behind a piece of los blocking impassible terrain. All the units I deployed were within range of the gloom prism so at least I had a 4+ chance to deny the Jaws. He came down first turn and failed to do any serious damage. He rolled 11 on his psychic check so failed Jaws. In my turn I assaulted him and showed him why there are warscythes in my list, taking out two dreads and locking two more units in combat with the wraiths. He still had lots of stuff coming from reserve so the game was still on. While I lost the destroyerlord, obyron and the spyders and the second unit of wraiths kept thrashing his dreadnoughts. In the end I contested him on one objective, killed the remaining assault marine holding another and took three myself. As icing on the cake, I also shot down this warlord with my last shots ending the battle 18-2 for me.


My last game I faced Dennie N.’s CSM/Necrons spawnlist. He had almost no shooting so I deployed everything I could knowning he would be out of assault range the first turn. He moved forward and picked up the relic on his side of the board and moved forward. In my first turn I shot both barges at one of his cultist squads and almost annihilated it. I tried to charge the second cultist squad with a unit of wraiths but failed the 5-6 inch charge. He assaulted the wraiths with three units of nurgle spawn and the wraiths while his destroyerlord took out a barge. My wraiths held beyond all expectations! His daemon princes didn’t do that much (for the whole game). In my next turn I finished off his first unit of cultists, focusing the firepower of my remaining barge on one cultist. My second unit of wraiths, with my destroyerlord in tow found a narrow gap between his deamon princes and the ongoing combat to charge the second unit of cultists holding the relic. Only four got in range to strike but that was enough to kill the unit who dropped the relic in the middle of the table, just inside my table half. Since the mission was clearly describing these “objectives” as relics I was under the impression they had to be held to score the points. With all his assault units in the middle of the board, I had abbandoned any hope of taking the relics with my fragile troops so was focusing on killing his troops so he couldn’t score those points either. The wraiths would tie him up in combat on one side of the board while my warriors could come out of their transports last turn to take objectives on the other side of the board. But unfortunately the Saints added a line that said you scored the relic objectives if they are in your opponents deployment zone. That explains why Dennie was moving forward with his cultists. Next year I will read the rulespack more in detail as we were both playing another mission. I jumped my spyderstar over to his side of the board to contest an objective once I shot down his flyer with my two flyers and his warriors came on. Unfortunately my 10+ hits on his one flyer caused only 2 pens and 1 glance and he jinked both pens. I was really dissappointed as on average I think I should have won that air war. I also had left the spyderstar in range of his assault units which could have cost me dearly if I hadn’t tanked all the wounds that his wraiths and spawn did in his assault. I jumped the spyderstar out of that combat and to safety on the other side of the board. His flyer continued on to my deployment zone and his warriors got out to take up the second relic. In the last turns I tried to shoot him off that relic but failed. I jumped the spyderstar to the other side of the table and zahdrek sniped the guy holding the relic in the middle of the table, still thinking they were only counted if you held them. Dennie had made sure he had linebreaker as well by placing all of his spawn, wraiths and princes in my deployment zone. I got out of a scythe and took one objective on my side. The result we entered was 7-13 for Dennie (taking into account only one relic). But that should have been even more for Dennie as by the rulespack he scored the second relic as well. Since neither one of our teams was in the running for winning the event, we left it at that.

So three interesting battles against great opponents!

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