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Battle of the Clubs – Tournament Report

mei 12, 14 Battle of the Clubs – Tournament Report

Last weekend, Team Belgium travelled north in force to play in the Battle of the Clubs tournament in Tilburg organised by the Saints. This is a team tournament with teams of 3-5 players. Each round 3 players score double, a decission the team captain gets to make after the pairings are up. While there were about 80 40k players there, the tournament is also held for fantasy at the same time with a similar number of players present, filling a large sportcomplex.

Team Belgium went with two teams last year but this year we send 4. Team A consisted of Tom Adriany (captain), Jonathan Veil, Steven Breughe and Davy Sabo. Team B consisted of Niek Vanderispaillie (captain), Jeroen Janssens, Matthias Bauwens, Christophe Baudar and Cedric Baudoux. Team C consisted of Marc De Meuter (captain), Thomas Libeer, Tom Dewilde and Jasper Decru. Team D consisted of Tim Van Den Bulck (captain), Glenn Dielen, Maarten Vanderkrieken and Kobe Keymeulen.

Most of us travelled to Tilburg on friday evening and spend the night so we were well rested (at least some of us were) to go play with our toy soldiers.



While the event had some strange missions we still had fun playing. Jonathan and Steven were selected as nominees for best painted but the award went to a dutch team. In the end Team Belgium A got second place (for the second year in a row) and The Fallen Angels won again. But each year we are closing the gap as team Belgium A was only 14 points behind.




After the award ceremony most of us went for dinner before heading home. Fun was had this weekend!

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