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13th Conflict – Tournament Report

mei 12, 14 13th Conflict – Tournament Report

Sunday 4th of May Club Team Conect’R did their yearly tournament Conflict. 13th this year!

The guys from Conect’R always bring a fine and fun tournament to come too.  Again it was held in Aarschot at the Parochiezaal Gelrode.

The only restriction was a maximum of three flying models. And the books Escalation, Stronghold Assault, dataslates, Codex Inquisition and Codex Imperial Knights were not allowed. So bummer if you wanted to play Cypher or Bel’akor.



I went with Space Marines with Black Templars Chapter Tactics and Space Wolves Allies.

My  armylist looked like this:

Primary Detachment: Space Marines

HQ 1 : Captain, Storm Shield, Powerfist, Artificer Armour, Space Marine Bike, Meltabombs [175] WARLORD

HQ 2 : Chapter Master Eternal Shield, Thunder Hammer, Artificer Armour, Space Marine Bike, Auspex [255]

HQ 2b : Command Squad, Space Marine Bikers, Apothecary, 4x Gravgun, 4x Storm Shield, Power Sword [265]

Troops 1 : Bike Squad, 2x Space Marine Bikers, 2x Gravgun [135]

Troops 2 : Bike Squad, 2x Space Marine Bikers, 2x Gravgun [135]

Troops 3 : Crusader Squad, Meltagun [80]

Troops 4 : Scout Squad, Camo Cloaks, 5x Sniper Rifle [70]

Fast Attack 1 : Stormtalon Gunship, Skyhammer Missile Launcher [125]

Fast Attack 2 : Attack Bike Squadron: 2x Attack Bike with Multimelta [110]

Heavy Support 1 : Thunderfire Cannon [100]

Heavy Support 2 : Thunderfire Cannon [100]

Allied Detachment: Space Wolves

HQ 1 : Rune Priest, Runic Armour, Bike, Master of Runes, Rune Staff [205]

Troops 1 : 5x Grey Hunters, Flamer [75]


I had a fun time with the list. It looked a lot like the list of Chaos Space Marines and Necrons I play with only here I have a lot more shooting.
First mission was called First Encouter. We had the Vanguard Strike deployment. The primary mission was Purge the Alien, for secondary we had to secure the centre of the table. The player with the most armypoints wins this mission. Tertiary objective was won by the player who controled the most objectives.

1st mission

This battle was against Thomas who played with Crimson Slaughter and chaos Space Marines. That meant I had to face 2 helldrakes, 1 daemon prince, 2 units of spawn, 2 sorcerers and some cultist. My grav-guns proved little to nothing against his list. I had first turn so I deployed so that I could get one unit of spawn for sure. I placed my Chapter Master in front so he can tank some wounds. But he seized! And he killed a unit of bikers thanks to that. So I already lost 135 points and one unit. Luckily my thunderfire cannons could kill a spawn or two in return. Turn two only one helldrake arrived, again lucky me but I failed to destroy it with my stormtalon. Bummer! We then entered a combat that would end the battle. My chapter master, command squad and his warlord unit with spawn. The other sorcerer was too busy killing off my thunderfire cannons. In the end, I could kill his warlord and made sure the second objective was mine.  It was 17-8 for Thomas if I recall correctly.

2nd mission

Second mission was “Drive them of our lands” with Dawn of War Deployment. Both players had 2 objectives, first one within 6″ of the centre of their deployment zone and then one at least 18″ away from their table edge. This was the primary objective. Secondary objective was killing the most enemy units that aren’t a troop choice. For tertiary your warlord had to cases the most unsaved wounds.



I played against Christophe the second round. This was a pure Eldar list. With three WraithKnights, 4 wave serpents, swooping hawks and some jetbikers. Out of all the tables I got the table that would put the game in Christophe’s favour. A big river diagonal over the table, with only 2 places where I could cross it… I didn’t want to be a jackass and I was fine with ruling it like that. I know this would cost me the game. Any other table would have me win this game. But I was there to have fun, not being an asshole. In the end we had a pretty damn exciting game. My chapter master was tanking wave serpent shots like a boss, holding off a Wraithknight with full wounds,  my rune priest who killed himself and a wraithknight! If I hadn’t had failed my last invurnable save I would have killed another Wraithknight and would have lost an objective. I really want a rematch on another table next time! In the end it went 23-2 for Christophe.



The final mission was again Vanguard Strike deployment. With the title The Spoils of War. Both players had to place 3 objectives each. The catch here was:  Each player chooses either Elite, Heavy Support or Fast Attack. Those type of units count as scoring for the primary mission but will be worth double the points for your opponent for the secondary mission. So primary was the one with the most objectives wins. Second was purge the alien. And the units who score in primary counted as double! Tertiary was The Relic. The one who controls it wins this mission.


Last mission I played against Jonas. He was playing with Tau. He had a buff commander with him, Shadowsun, two units of two broadside, lots of firewarriors, two units of four pathfinders, two units of the three crisis suits and one riptide.

We deployed our objectives and I got first turn. I place myself so that I could thinker everything he shot after me. Even if he seized! But he didn’t. I moved my command squad so I could go for a kill on Shadowsun. But he saved a lot and good! Then I focused my two biker squads on some pathfinders and the first blood was won. The battle my side after I he lost his Riptide and his broadside unit thanks to the Rune Priest. Jaws Of the World Wolf goes to 2+ armour! Then the buff commander came and killed my thunderfire cannons. I ignored him until the last turn when it was too late…. In the end I went home with 16-8.











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