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tutorial – White scars gone bad, white nurgle theme

apr 24, 14 tutorial – White scars gone bad, white nurgle theme


I really like how Tom Adriany’s daemons look (Scheme by Geert Cleynen), so i asked him for the scheme, changed it to fit Chaos Space Marines.

I love the raptor kit, so I chose one of these models to test my version of the scheme on.

It sure took a lot longer than I thought it would take to complete, but I’m very happy with the result.

Not all pictures are of a great quality but I cleverly included the used paintcolour in the picture. (You can find transition charts on the web to find the new names of some of the old paints I’ve used)

STEP 1 : assembly and basecoat spraycan black

artikel_2014-04-23 20.46.09

STEP 2 : astronomicon grey, leaving the deepest parts of the model  and the soon to be metal parts black

artikel_2014-04-23 20.57.35

STEP 3 : Boltgun metal applied to weapons and various other “metal” parts in the armour and jetpack

artikel_2014-04-23 21.20.21

STEP 4 : Skull White on the grey foundation leaving a small border of the black and grey near the edges free of the skullwhite

artikel_2014-04-23 21.54.14

STEP 5:  Nuln Oil all over the “metal” parts and Gryphone Sephia on some parts of the “white”, don’t let this dry

artikel_2014-04-23 22.12.47

STEP 6 : Thraka Green on some of the “metal” and on other parts of the “white” ,don’t let this dry allowing it to blend with the previous washes

artikel_2014-04-23 22.16.13

STEP 7 : Asurmen Blue on some of the “metal” and on other parts of the “white” ,don’t let this dry allowing it to blend with the previous washes

artikel_2014-04-23 22.20.12

STEP 8 : Leviathan Purple on some of the “metal” and on other parts of the “white” , try to put the wash on parts that are still skull white,don’t let this dry allowing it to blend with the previous washes

artikel_2014-04-23 22.23.38

STEP 9 : Ogryn Flesh on some of the leftover spots and for some extra blending effect. Let dry.

artikel_2014-04-23 22.30.27

STEP 10 : Repaint the “white” parts with Skull White, staying away from edges and parts that don’t catch the light, like a applying a broad highlight

artikel_2014-04-24 10.28.07

artikel_2014-04-24 10.27.44

STEP 11 : Scorched Brown on the spots where you’d like to have the rust effect. Ogryn Flesh on all “white” parts to dull it somehow

artikel_2014-04-24 10.47.44

artikel_2014-04-24 10.47.53

STEP 12 : Continue on the rust effect while the wash dries. Bestial Brown on the “brown” spots leaving an edge free

artikel_2014-04-24 10.56.23

artikel_2014-04-24 10.56.35

artikel_2014-04-24 10.56.59

artikel_2014-04-24 10.57.30-2


STEP 13 : Stipple Orange on the “brown” leaving some of the browns visible

artikel_2014-04-24 11.08.50

artikel_2014-04-24 11.09.03

STEP 14 : Stipple Fiery Orange on the “browns” but make sure to leave some of the underlying layers of brown and orange visible

artikel_2014-04-24 11.27.29

artikel_2014-04-24 11.27.39

STEP 15 :  Tune the rust down using Agrax Earthshade on the rustspots situated on the “white” and Ogryn flesh for the rust on the “metal”. Because I want the rust effect to be less on the armour compared to the metal parts. Let dry.

artikel_2014-04-24 11.40.18

artikel_2014-04-24 11.40.38

STEP 16 : Stipple Boltgun Metal on the rustspots

artikel_2014-04-24 11.57.41

artikel_2014-04-24 11.57.51

STEP 17 : Drybrush Abadon Black on the exhausts and the surrounding parts of the jumppack

artikel_2014-04-24 12.05.52

STEP 18 : Basing : scorched brown, nuln oil wash, drybrush bestial brown. Enjoy !

artikel_2014-04-24 17.16.33 artikel_2014-04-24 17.16.25 artikel_2014-04-24 17.16.23 artikel_2014-04-24 17.16.14 artikel_2014-04-24 17.15.56 artikel_2014-04-24 17.15.31 artikel_2014-04-24 17.15.20 artikel_2014-04-24 17.15.09 artikel_2014-04-24 17.15.00 artikel_2014-04-24 17.14.48


  1. Geert /

    It looks nice and waaaaay more advanced than my basic colourscheme 😉
    Feeling like some Star Wars Jedi Master now, with Padawans and stuff LOL

  2. steven /

    thanks, you don’t happen to have a jedi mastership in taking pictures of minis?

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