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The missing FAQs

apr 10, 14 The missing FAQs

Games Workshop launched their new website today and the FAQs have gone missing.

No worries, Team BE had taken the necessary precautions.  Below you can find links to the missing FAQs:


The rulebook FAQ

Blood Angels Codex FAQ

Chaos Daemons Codex FAQ

Chaos Space Marines Codex FAQ

Dark Angels Codex FAQ

Dark Eldar Codex FAQ

Eldar Codex FAQ

Grey Knights Codex FAQ

Imperial Guard Codex FAQ

Necrons Codex FAQ

Orks Codex FAQ

Space Marines Codex FAQ

Space Wolves Codex FAQ

Tau Empire Codex FAQ

Tau Empire Farsight Enclaves Supplement FAQ

Death from the Skies Supplement FAQ


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