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Caledonian Uprising, a Tale of 6 gamers

feb 19, 14 Caledonian Uprising, a Tale of 6 gamers

Caledonian Uprising is a big 40k tournament organised by Tim King and friends as a fundraiser for the Scottisch ETC team with all the UK-based bigshots attending.

Who would be crazy enough to enter that arena of death and mayhem ?

Unfortunately that was all it took to get our own ETC Captain Tom Adriany excited. ( I blame those Orkmushrooms he once ate when he was a not so small boy ). He accepted the challenge!

And so began his search for other people willing to join his quest for fame and glory, looking for spoils of war on the other side of the sea we call the North Sea.
Many were asked but few were found to be crazy enough.
He managed to find 5 other brave souls to join his cause.
Not all had the same intentions…

4 true warriors schooled in the secret art of ‘playing with the plastic soldiers’ stood up, all looking for a share of the glory to be won.
And one just wanted to tag along, all the time rambling on about this Nemo dude he needed to find for some reason.

So 6 they were in total, their names : Davy Sabo (Tau/Eldar), Jonathan Delahaye (Orks), Jeroen Janssens (Guard/Space Marines), Alex Bongers (Ravenwing), Tom Adriany (Daemons) and Steven Breughe (Space Marines/Space Wolves).
Remember them names!

This year the tournament was held in Stockport, near Manchester, at the local game center. Because swimming was not an option, even for a fishhead like Davy, we needed a more suitable means of getting there.

Jeroen and Davy decided not to trust Alex’ driving skills and flew in.

3 others were reckless enough to get in a car with Mr Bongers ( Thats Bonkers with a “G”…).

All went fine for our flyboys as for the carcrew untill we reached the tunnel.
web_le shuttle

Those weird french guys were not satisfied with a simple name like ‘the shuttle’, no that was not fancy enough, it had to be called ‘le shuttle’…
Alex gently drove his car into something that looked like a really long stretched AT-AT walker from the Star Wars movies and soon we entered the dark underwaterworld.

Alex told us to get out of the car and enjoy the view, so we did. Alex was a bit sad because we were to deep underwater, so almost no light got through leaving us staring into the dark abyss for 5 minutes.
After that disappointment we just wandered about in the train (no pub, boooh!).
Although I did manage to capture something on my camera but the others seem to have missed it.

web_callie train

A mere 30 minutes later we ended up in England.
Then the fun began, we mostly kept ourselves busy with reminding Alex to drive on the wrong side of the road. Tom got sooo scared he went into hibernationmode.

web_callie sleepy

Then it happened :

Those English people must have read the new Nid Codex because already word on the street was that the Nids are worthless now …
It seems that ‘Scot Heating Co’ are the new boys in town beating those silly bugs in their own game.

web_callie biomass

After all that excitement we really needed to stop but we hadn’t seen nothing yet…
we discovered this horrible, horrible figure… Pudsey bear , a teddybear with some children’s underwear covering his eye, clearly trying to hide his true villainous nature.

web_callie paddington

We were disgusted and could only try to calm ourselves down by having a taste of that fine traditional English cuisine. We heard a lot of bad things about english food but it turned out to be okay.

web_callie b kingweb_callie menhancer

We slipped this into our captain’s food just to be sure he would stay awake for the rest of the trip, it worked like a charm.

After a long, long drive we arrived at the hotel and Jonathan promptly started painting up his models, “cuz they ar’ not pretty enough”. Fair enough… the rest of us decided to check out the venue. Well after midnight I discovered my roommate was still painting… I’ll never understand Orkplayers…

web_callie roommate

Way to few hours later it was D-Day !

So we each played 3 games, some of us won, some of us lost … that was fun !

Enough of that silly game talk, back to business !

We found a nice table in the local harbor,all was good.

web_calli harborweb_callie night2 beer

Flyboy Jerre was in the mood for some themed Italian food, especially after winning a game against Mr Franco Marrufo.
I had to help him finish that calzone, that’s me, always the helping hand !

web_cali calzoneweb_calli jerre pizza
Then we all went to our room for a good night’s rest, “all”? not all…

web_callie roommate

Breakfast day 2 and I discover another great British product : Marmite. Let’s never mention that again, deal ? (sorry no pictures were taken)

After that delightful start of the day we went back to the grim battlefield of 40k.

Again great fun was had. Some of us used tactics that would be considered a warcrime by the Geneva convention. Luckely ‘menhanced’ Tom did not see this…
web_calli davy gat

Prices were distributed and raffles were won (by me).
It was a great tournament, they will see team belgium again next year!

But after a hard day’s work we got what we deserved. We tried the famous Stella Artois Cidre , a Belgian recipe with hand-picked apples, a drink NOWHERE to be found in the whole of belgium ! Marketing geniuses, I’ll give them that.

web_calli cidre

The hotelcrew liked us, …they really liked us, we got our own private room for the last night.
web_cali team members only

They even got us a new ride for a safer trip back to Belgium, making it less dangerous for us to drive on the wrong side of the road. Despite the huge size of that thing ,there was only room for 4 in it.

web_cali ride home

After a brief “discussion” with Jonathan, Tom was victorious.

web_cali tom discussion

Davy quickly decided to take a plane home to avoid any further ruckus.

Our iron steed took us to Warhammer World where a new friend replacing the poor, poor Jonathan awaited us. Turned out to be a quiet charming guy ! So no problems were had during our meal.

web_cali WH new friend

We all decided to continue our exploration of the fine English cuisine and were very glad to find out they served some small snacks ( look vegetables! Onions are healthy ! Prepare for Exterminatus ) at the gamers Walhalla: Bugmans’ Bar.

A great way to end our fine trip, it was my pleasure boys.

web_cali small snack tom web_cali small snack

Have a look here and at our FB-page for a nice selection of battlepictures and the best painted armies taken during our trip.

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