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Caledonian Uprising: Tournament Report

jan 30, 14 Caledonian Uprising: Tournament Report

Caledonian Uprising, an event organised by the Scottisch ETC team has come and gone. Team Belgium send its delegation in the two-day tournament held in Stockport near Manchester. It was definitely worth the trip! Let’s do this again next year. Kudos to Tim King for organising such a well-run event!




Friday 17/01/2014

caledonianopen Davy and myself took a plane to Manchester, visited the city centre (including the local GW store) and then traveled to the venue. Tom, Steven, Jonathan and Alex came by car an arrived in the late afternoon. I teamed up with Davy and we entered the Caledonian Open, a doubles (2 x 500 points) / singles (1 x 1000 points) tournament organised on friday evening. We had fun and got to know some of the UK players.

Saturday 18/01/2014

caledonianuprising The Caledonian Uprising saw Team Belgium’s representatives take on most of the top UK tournament players, including several UK ETC players. The venue was fine. A little bit more space between the tables would have been nice but the room was packed with the 112 players attending. The entrance fee included a special caledonian die and some Scouring tokens.
After three rounds of 3 hour battles, the team went out to dinner. We were too late to join a group of the tournament players for dinner so we went to a local italian place instead. italiandinner
munchkin We later returned to the venue and played some munchkin to end the day.


Sunday 19/01/2014

daemonarmy Both Tom and myself made the Best Painted nominees and got to display our armies between the battles and all the players got to vote. Neither of us won but it’s always nice to know the work we put into our armies is appreciated.
After another two rounds of battles, there was the mandatory reward ceremony. Davy and Alex won some prizes while Steven was lucky and won something from the raffle. raffel
rewards In the end Davy was in 16th place, Tom was in 21st place, Steven in 45th place, Alex in 85th, myself in 86th and Jonathan in 103th. We had dinner together and then went out for drinks.

Monday 20/01/2014

warhammerworld Davy and Jonathan returned home by plane while I took Jonathan’s spot in the car. We passed by Nothingham on the way home and visisted the Mekka of 40k: Warhammer World. We had a look at the display cabinets, visited the shop and had lunch at bugman’s bar. Several hours later we all got home exhausted but satisfied!

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