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ETC 2015 – Army Comp and Restrictions

feb 26, 15 ETC 2015 – Army Comp and Restrictions

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It’s been a while since we posted something on the blog, but with some of the new ETC restrictions for this year in place, and lots of inbound changes due to how 7th edition has been rapidly growing in terms of selection criteria and options out there, there’s enough food for discussion so let’s get things going...

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ETC mission score sheet

feb 05, 15 ETC mission score sheet

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Since ETC missions combine Eternal War, Maelstrom and Kill Point differentials it’s not always easy to keep track of it. Especially since only a selection of 18 cards from a Maelstrom deck is used. For training battles and even tournaments, feel tree to download and use this handy scoresheet to keep track of how the battle...

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6 Nations Cup – Picture review

Some of my pictures We had a great time as i said, enjoy these !  

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Boo-boos, we all make them

As you have noticed we have competed at the 6 Nations Cup a couple of weeks ago. What have we learned ? A lot ! We had a great time ( look at the photo gallery ,it’s pretty ! ), we learned a lot also…some of us made some boo-boos or were the victim of opponent’s boo-boos . These things happen but one can ask himself if these...

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