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New necron codex – what changed?

feb 05, 15 New necron codex – what changed?

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The release of the new Necron codex saw some changes to units and rules. I’ll try to give an overview below of some of the more important changes. If I missed something important feel free to let me know by posting a response below and I’ll adjust the article! Tesla stayed mostly the same. It no longer gives...

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Of Giant Robots: Imperial Knight Review and Ponderings

Games Workshop has did and done it again. The internet weeps with their latest release: The Imperial Knight. And yet, I find myself mildly enthused with this book, and find it to be definately another step in the right direction for GW, both for the hobbyist and the tournament-goer alike. But we’ll come back to that...

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Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden: Book Review

‘Betrayer ‘ is the second Horus Heresy novel by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, after ‘the First Heretic’, and it starts off one year after the Isstvan V Massacre and takes place almost immediatly after the events from ‘Know no Fear’. It recounts the further exploits of Lorgar Aurelian, primarch of the Word Bearers, and his legion...

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